Commission me

Would you like to own a Naisi LeBaron original?

I’ve painted and stenciled everything from furniture to forget-me-nots including boxes, cupboards, signboards, fireplace covers, chairs, and more.

For example:

If it has a surface, and we are inspired to collaborate, you could have your own one-of-a-kind work of useable or just-to-be-hung-on-the-wall-and-admired Naisi LeBaron original art (my husband made me say that, he’s my number one fan). I’m able to work from photographs, drawings, videos, etc.

My clients, bless their “art naive” little hearts, so far seem satisfied with what I’ve done for them. They say things such as:

“Unfortunately, we only had one of Naisi’s paintings, we could have sold it 10 times over…” Studio Georgeville

May I make your special place, event or occasion even more so by capturing it in a unique “art naif” painting?

Please complete the form below, and allow me to commit your place, your family, your event, your occasion, and/or your memories to art.

Thank you for visiting my site,


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  1. AmazingSusan says:

    Thanks Naisi! I just got your book in the mail, and I love it. You’re so creative and talented :) Keep painting

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