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02 Lemonaid and gossipLemonade & Gossip is a compilation of 70 of my paintings depicting village life in North Hatley and environs, some of my responses to provincial, national and international events and other things that happened to catch my fancy since I began painting in 1993.

Each piece in Lemonade & Gossip (named for the painting at right) was lovingly and painstakingly produced sometime during the last 20 years.

They are painted in the style of “naïve art” (or, as we say in Quebec: “art naïf“), which is characterized by simplicity (although mine is also finely detailed), bold colours, and a “childlike” perspective.

I loved painting the images in Lemonade & Gossip, and it’s a pleasure to be able to share them with others such as yourself through the book. To order Lemonade & Gossip (CAD 29.95, plus tax where applicable, and postage and handling), simply fill out the form below.

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Naisi LeBaron

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  1. AmazingSusan says:

    Thanks Naisi!

    I just got your book in the mail, and I love it. You’re so creative and talented :) Keep painting.

    Susan :)

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